Ceo ´s Greetings

GeoSystem Research Corporation(GeoSR) is a marine environmental engineering
consulting company founded in 2000 by dedicated experts in oceanography and coastal engineering.

Since then, it has been gaining a reputation for high-quality services by providing reliable scientific and technical services to clients of both private and public institutions. Our expertise is expanding from routine environmental monitoring and hydrographic surveys to multidimensional numerical modeling of coastal and oceanic processes.
We also develop GIS and S/W tools tailored to our clients.

To provide the best quality engineering services to our clients, we constantly invest in R&D and strive to accumulate core competencies. We consider our employees, on whom the quality of our services is firmly based, as the company’s greatest asset; to further improve their expertise, we provide special programs of training and education for our employees.

The 21st century is the era of the ‘Ocean’, and our company is striving to keep pace with the growing importance of the ocean. As one of the leading Korean institutions in charge of solving marine environmental problems, we have a strong sense of commitment in preserving sustainable clean seas around Korea, and ultimately around the world.

CEO Hongsun Kim ced사인